Department Vision: 

To be a centre of excellence in Civil Engineering education by making every effort continuously for improvement in education and undertaking research as well as to contribute to the technology for the infrastructure development leading to sustainable development of the society


The vision of the department emphasizes the long standing dedication to offer quality education in an exciting academic atmosphere.  The department directly serves the diverse components, such as teaching, research and consultancy with service moto to the nation.  The vision offers a standard, by which the department plans, functions and appraises itself moving ahead.

Department Mission: 

To provide quality education for successful career and higher studies in Civil Engineering that emphasizes academic and technical excellence in profession and research, effective communication, team work and leadership to meet the challenges of the society.


Strong fundamentals and in-depth knowledge, to cope up to practice and expand profession and also necessitate to continue with higher degrees and research to the students

  • The department attempts to furnish prospect for a broad-based educational experience to all students so that students are prepared to tackle complex civil engineering setbacks through team work.
  • The department highlight the significance of education in the promotion of knowledge and prepare the students for success in their profession and able to team up and compete in a global environment as one of its top priorities