Engineering Physics-Theory and Practical’s-has been prescribed for the Ist B.Tech curriculum.There are about 12 faculty members handling the Engineering Physics theory paper and practical’s. All are well experienced and highly qualified. Engineering Physics Laboratory is well-furnished with adequate equipment. This spacious laboratory can accommodate 70 students at a time and covers 12 experiments related to Optics, Magnetism, Semiconductors, Lasers and Fiber Optics etc., Each experiment has three to six sets of equipments. For conducting Optics experiments a separate dark room is also available with necessary experimental set-up.

The basic purpose of conducting engineering physics lab examination to the first year B.Tech students is to promote equipment/machinery handling skills and also to train the students with proper laboratory discipline. Besides, carrying out experiments in a laboratory and analysis of the data obtained personally will definitely help the students in inculcating scientific temper, logical thinking, rational outlook, sense of self-confidence, ability to take initiative, objectivity, cooperative attitude, patience, self-reliance, perseverance, etc. which are very vital for the Engineering graduates. It will also develop manipulative, observational and reporting skills of the students.


The equipment available in the Engineering Physics Lab:

The Engineering Physics Laboratory occupies an area of 119.568 Sq.m

Research Equipment:

  1. High Temperature Inert Atmospheric Tubular Furnace
  2. Chemical Fume Hood
  3. Temperature Controllable Vacuum Oven
  4. Box Type High Temperature Furnace
  5. Fully Automated Centrifuge
  6. Sonicator
  7. UV Viewer
  8. Dessicators (2 Nos)
  9. 0.0001gm Accuracy Digital Electronic Balance

Equipment for Students:

  1. Spectrometers
  2. Travelling Microscopes
  3. He-Ne Laser Sources
  4. Four-Probe Set-up
  5. C.R.O with B-H loop Kits
  6. Hall-Effect Set-up
  7. Fiber Optic Trainer Kits
  8. Dielectric Constant Measurement Kit
  9. Stewart and Gee’s Apparatus
  10. Function Generators (20-20MHz)

All these equipment’s are well maintained by means of a full time lab assistant. The laboratory is regularly being updated according to the needs of the students year by year.


The Engineering chemistry department serves to provide strong foundation in chemistry which in turn serves as a baseline for all Engineering streams. The department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty members with Doctorates in various specialized areas of chemistry. The Engineering chemistry laboratory is well located with an airy and spacious hall including a store room for safe keeping of explosive & corrosive chemicals in view of the laboratory safety. Each working table in the laboratory is well furnished with reagent racks & well connected with water supply & Burners. The department has a well established laboratory to accommodate sixty students at a time for engineering chemistry lab class. All the instruments used by first year students are state of art and a good number of sophisticated instruments from a part of physical chemistry laboratory. The experiments prescribed by SVCET have been carefully planned in cycles so that individual student can conduct experiments independently and multiplicity of gadgets is avoided ensuring maximum resource utilization. The students conduct their lab, assignments under the vigilant guidance and support of faulty & laboratory assistant.We have one well-equipped large size basic chemistry laboratory. All the B.Tech students every year performing in this laboratory. The Engineering chemistry laboratory is well equipped with various instruments other than the usual glassware’s& chemicals as per SVCET syllabus, which includes:


The equipment available in the Engineering Chemistry Lab:

The Engineering Chemistry Laboratory occupies an area of 119.568 Sq.m

  • Redwood Viscometer
    • Conductivity Meter
    • Colorimeter
    • Hot Air Oven
    • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
    • pH Meter
    • Water Bath (6 holes)
    • Water Distillation Plant
    • Bomb Calorimeter
    • Analytical Balance

As per syllabus prescribed by SVCET – HAS Dept.,


Communication motivates, informs, suggests, warns, orders, changes behaviour, and establishes better relationships, to make interaction meaningful and make oneself understood. Communication is effective when a communicator is effective enough to communicate competently, simply, clearly, sincerely and dynamically. Ones communication can be termed as successful, if the receiver acknowledges it, i.e., when a listener or reader understands, reacts, responds to this communication and shapes his/her learning behaviour. As it involves interaction, it encourages exchange of ideas until all the experiences become a common profession. Globalization offers engineering graduates exceptional opportunities. But, to make a mark for themselves in this highly competitive world, one is required to possess hard as well as soft skills in order to be successful in career. A communication skill in English, the undisputed global language is a must in the global setting.

The ELCS Lab in SVCET is air-conditioned & equipped with 70 systems with headsets and LCD projector. We use mainly the phonetics and communication Language learning systems in the lab. We have the course material in the form of manual and audio cassettes/CDs. A learner goes through the printed material and then listens to the audio and video. The ELCS Lab increases student’s exposure to genuine real-time voice interaction, greatly enhancing the learning process and facilitate them in independent and self-directed study.

Technical English Lab

 The facilities available in Technical English Lab:


Technical English Lab-I: It occupies an area of 156.086 Sq.m supplied with 75 computers along with head phones.

Technical English Lab-II:  It occupies an area of 117.801 Sq.m supplied with 70 computers along with head phones.


EL- Client Software

CL- Client Software

Sky Pronunciation Suite

Multimedia Broadcasting: Enables teachers to directly broadcast multimedia courseware and DVD video information onto students’ terminals.

Real-time Voice Interaction: Achieves the goal of not only having dialogues among students and the teacher, but also team discussions between 2, 3, or 4 students.

Student Terminal Control: Allows teachers to access and control the content of student terminals so as to monitor progress.

Professional Operations: Includes special keyboards at each terminal, allowing students to operate all the functions in a fast and convenient way, including speed changing, repeating, re-listening, playing, recording, and answer selection.

Paper-free Testing: Facilitates paper-free testing, covering listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating. Especially for standard verbal tests, the paper marking system perfectly meets the requirements of TOEFL, GRE, NELTS, IELTS, CAT and all other competitive as well as entrance examinations.

Practical Orientation: Mock GDs and Mock Interviews are conducted to give hands on experience to the students and help them to think creatively, assertively, innovatively, logically, analytically and rationally to face the campus interviews and other professional recruitment assessment.

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