1.Programme Educational Objectives of PG (Information Technology):

PEO1 To be able to solve wide range of computing related problems in order to cater to the needs of industry and society
PEO2 To exhibit analytical decision making and problem solving skills by applying research principles for handling dynamic real time challenges.
PEO3 To be able to adapt to the evolving technical challenges and changing career opportunities. Learn to effectively communicate ideas in oral, written, or graphical form to promote collaboration other engineering teams in accordance with social standards and ethical practices.

2.Programme Outcomes of PG (Information Technology) are:

PO1 To obtain sound knowledge in the theory, principles and applications of computer systems.
PO2 Apply knowledge of mathematics and algorithms in the design and development of software systems.
PO3 Configure recent software tools, apply test conditions, and deploy and manage them on computer systems.
PO4 Perform experiments on different software packages either obtain from external parties or developed by themselves and analyze the experimental results.
PO5 Design and develop software projects given their specifications and within Performance and cost constraints
PO6 Identify, formulate and solve software engineering problems and understand the software project management principles.
PO7 Ability to understand the computing needs of inter-disciplinary scientific and engineering disciplines and design and develop algorithms and techniques for achieving these.
PO8 Communicate effectively in oral, written and graphical form to extend entrepreneurship and leadership skills
PO9 Ability to extend the state of art in some of the areas of interest and create new knowledge.
PO10 An understanding of professional, legal, and ethical issues and responsibilities,formulate research problems and explore the current research being done.
PO11 To identify the shortcomings and examine the outcomes of one’s actions without depending on external feedback and implement the corrective measures subsequently to develop their career

1.The Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) of UG Information Technology programme are:

PEO  1 To educate and train students in professional career by acquiring knowledge in scientific,mathematics and computing and engineering principles.
Apply analysis, design, optimization and implementation skills in order to formulate and solve Computer Science and Engineering and multidisciplinary problems.
PEO  3 Use their skills in ethical & professional manner to raise the satisfaction level of stakeholders and to take up higher studies, research & development and other creative efforts in science & technology.

2.The Program Outcomes of UG in Information Technology are:

PO1 An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, probability, statistics, science, electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering as applicable to computer science and engineering.
PO2 An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to organize, analyze and interprets data to produce meaningful conclusions and recommendations.
PO3 An ability to design hardware and software systems, components and processes to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability.
PO4 An ability to work individually or as a team with responsibility to function on multi-disciplinary teams.
PO5 An ability to identify, formulate and solve computing problems, accounting for the interaction between hardware and software.
PO6 An understanding of professional, legal, and ethical issues and responsibilities
PO7 An ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing including documentation of hardware and software systems.
PO8 An ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions on the environment, economy and social issues both in the local and global perspective.
PO9 Demonstrate an ability to acquire new knowledge in the computing discipline and to engage in life-long learning.
PO10 Knowledge of contemporary issues in the social sciences and the humanities using computational tools.
PO11 An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for computer engineering practice.

An Ability to acquire entrepreneurship and leadership qualities