Department of Mechanical  Engineering

Date of Birth 7th August 1944
Present Address Flat # 309, Annamayya Towers,   19-8-180  Yadava Colony,  Tirupati  517 501
Email ovchetty@yahoo.co.uk and  ovchetty@gmail.com
Fields of Specialization Manufacturing, Industrial Engg, Management

Educational Qualifications




Subjects taken

Name of University /Institute

B.E.(Mech.) First Class with distinction 1966 Mechanical
Sri Venkateswara
University, Andhra Pradesh
M.Tech. (Prod Sc. & Tech.) First Rank in Specialisation 1971 Production Sc.  & Technology Indian Institute of Tech., Kharagpur, India.

1980 Electro-Chemical Machining Indian Institute of Tech., Madras, India.

Professional Experience

Address of the Institute

Post held

From : To

Specific UG/PG
Experience/ Teaching/Re-search/Industrial Consultancy

S.V.U.College of Engg., Tirupati Associate Lecturer 15-9-66 to 2-4-74 U.G./P.G Teaching and Research
Indian Inst. of   Technology, Madras Lecturer 4-4-74 to 19-4-82 U.G./P.G Teaching,  Research, Industrial Consultancy,  Sponsored Research.

– do –

Asst. Professor 20-4-82 to 21-01-91

–  do  –

– do –

Professor 22-01-91 to 31-8-06

– do –

The Univ. of the West Indies Professor 12-12-94 to 11-12-96 On leave from IIT Madras.  Post Graduate Programme leader. UG/PG Teaching, Research, Industrial consultancy.
University of Mauritius Professor 22-07-04 to 21-07-06 On leave from IIT Madras. UG/PG Teaching, Research.

Research :

Areas of research:    Unconventional Machining
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Production Management
Computer Aided Planning and Schedulling
Project Management
Genetic Algorithms

Research  Publications :     160  ( Details will be provided on enquiry)

Citations of (i) technical papers plublished: 67 (using  SCOPUS : THE ABSTRACTING & INDEXING DATABASE  FROM  ELSEVIER (38 records) and the data obtained from the sitewww.scholar.google.com.

Project Guidance:

Ph.D.  :   12     M.S.    : 5      M.Tech : 91      D.I.I.T.-12     B.Tech- 101


Name of the Student

Title of the Thesis

Year of Award


G.Prabhakara Rao Theoretical and Experimental Investi-gations in Smoothening and Shaping by Electro-chemical Machining.



M.Lakshmanan Evaluation of Hazard Index in Ferrous
Foundries – A  New Methodology.



G.Velayutham Electrochemical Dissoultion of Nickel in concentrated Electrolyte Solutions.



C.Eswara Reddy Tool Management for Flexible Manu-facturing Systems



K.Ravi Raju Addressing some design and imple-mentation issues in Flexible Manufac-turing Systems – A Petrinet approach



K.Raghava Rao Operational planning and Scheduling of Flexible   Manufacturing Systems.



A.Chincholkar Modelling,Scheduling and Analysis of Automated Storage and Retrieval based Flexible Manufacturing Systems using Stochastic Coloured Petrinets.



P.S.S.Prasad Studies on Volume Flexibility With Improved Lot Size Planning Using Genetic Algorithms



S.Kumanan Project Management For Manufacturing using Petrinets and Genetic Algorithms



S.Devaprasad Multi-Objective Flowshop Scheduling:  a Genetic Algorithmic Approach



C. Chandrasekaran Manufacturing Management



B.Y.R. SURNAM,  UoM Atmospheric Corrosion of Mild steel and Corrosion



R.V.G.K.Murthy A study of some aspects of surface production in electrochemical machining.



O.C.Gnanasekaran Some investigations of Flexible Systems using Petrinets.



N.P. Sukesh Bhanu                  Shankar Due date related aspects in scheduling of Flexible flow lines



M. Kantha Babu Investigations on Abrasives in Abrasive Waterjet Machining



M. Sarveswar Reddy Performance analysis of AS/RS using Genetic Algorithms


Research Experience/ Facilities developed/ Software developed:

  • Engaged in research since 1971, in the field of Electrochemical Machining (Unconventional Manufacturing Process) and obtained Ph.D. based on the work done at IIT Madras.
  • A relocation cum machining fixture was designed and fabricated to facilitate studies on surface formation in ECM. Original approach using Laser Doppler Velocimeter was applied in the study of surface formation. A basic experimental setup of ECM was fabricated and utilised for research. Mathematical analysis using Fourier series and finite element methods for the study of anodic smoothing in ECM were done. Polarisation measurements in ECM in actual machining were carried out.  Influence of electro-lyte flow velocity on anodic smoothing was investigated. Developed computer programs to study anodic smoothing and shaping. Electrochemical studies on Nickel machining undertaken.
  • Macro and Micro machining of 2-D and 3-D shapes in Glass. Design of tooling and multistage machining using combination of Ultrasonic machining and Chemical machining.
  • Abrasive waterjet  machining of quartz, aluminuium and granite undertaken. Facility modifications for performance studies on the use of local garnet abrasives for abrasive waterjet cutting, recycling and recharging.
  • A relocation cum burnishing setup for ball burnishing studies was designed and developed. Special tools for ball burnishing and vibratory burnishing based on mechanical design were fabricated. Studies on the plastic deformation aspects of ball burnished surfaces are in progress. Corrosion resistance of ball burnished surfaces are  undertaien.
  • Research in the area of Industrial safety in foundary environment using Delphi studies was completed.  A novel method of classifying jobs/industries based on intrinsic hazard potential using Hazard Index was developed.
  • Material Requirement Planning under variable demand is being analysed. A new lot sizing policy named Dynamic Least Incremental Cost (DLIC) policy has been developed. Its performance is found to be superior compared to the existing policies both in static and dynamic cases.
  • The power of Petrinets is exploited for modelling, simulation and control of complex flexible manufacturing and assembly systems (since asynchronous and concurrent).  Considering the limitations of available Petrinet types, especially in scheduling activities, a new class called Priority Nets were developed with improved capability and compactness.
  • Project management  applications to manufacturing  require efficient tools. In this context Petrinets and Genetic Algorithms are used. Resource levelling and resource allocation can be done more effectively.
  • Software was developed for AGV control in FMS environment. Packages for FMS layout and flexible assembly systems considering transportation activities and task restrictions were developed.
  • Evaluation of flexibility of flexible systems, implementation of Just-In-Time in FMS, virtual cell formation are undertaken.
  • Developed a heuristic to schedule a general m x n floorshop for unidirectional flows, flow in G.T.Cells etc.
  • Development of software for AS/RS for modelling, scheduling and control. Integration of AS/RS with FMS and Cyclic Mode of Operational Policy for AS/RS.  Use of Stochastic Coloured Petrinets.
  • Development of software for operational planning and scheduling of Flexible Manufac-turing Systems considering tooling constraints.
  • Use of Genetic Algorithms for improving the performance FMS, Lot sizing and Project  Management ( Resource levelling and resource allocation).
  • Multi objective optimisation of flow shops using Genetic algorithms.
  • Flexibility analysis of  FMS.
  • At The University of West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago- Fabrication of ECM equipment for teaching and basic research.
  • At the University of Mauritius – Fabrication of ECM, AJM units for Teaching and basic research.

Subjects Taught      : The following subjects were taught both at UG and PG level

  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Tool Design
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Production planning and control
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Operations Research
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Project Management
  • Petrinets and Genetic Algorithms

Sponsored Projects:
Nine (9) sponsored projects (total cost Rs 166 lakhs) from DST, AICTE, BARC, Carborundum universal etc. have been completed.

Industrial consultancy projects :

Thirty four (34) consultancy projects (total cost Rs 2160 lakhs) have been completed.

Special/Expert Lectures to Industries/Institutions:

Sundaram Fasteners,  Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi, BHEL Bangalore,  BEL Bangalore,  NITIE Bombay, PSG College of Technology Coimbatore,  REC, Warangal,  Osmania University College of Engg., Hyderabad,  BHB College of Engg., Hubli,  College of Engg., Guindy, Madras,  National Productivity Council,  Madras Productivity Council,  Govt. College of Engg., Kakinada,  Institutions of Chartered Accountants, The Institute of Professional Educators, Mauritius, Ten Short courses offered from the Dept of Mech Engg, University of Mauritius, On ‘Creativity’, ‘Project Management’, ‘Quality’, and ‘Genetic Algorithms’.

Technical Paper Reviewer:

ASM Corrosion Hand Book- Electro chemical Machining Vol 13 A, Principles of Metallic corrosion, Corrosion protection and control, 2003 ; International Journal of Production Research, Loughborough, England; International Journal of Wear, England; IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics; International Journal of Management and Systems; International Journal of   Industrial Engineering; International Journal of Management and Systems; West Indian Journal of Engineering; Journal of OPSEARCH; A number of  National Journals and Conferences

Honors Conferred:


  • Third Rank : In the Mechanical Branch (70 Students  B.E. Program) of the University.
  • First Rank  :  In the specialisation at IIT Kharagpur  (M.Tech. Program)

Prizes and Awards:

  • Six (6) Certificates of merit for Technical paper publications from ‘The Institution of Engineers, India’ during 1972-2003.
  • National Award 1986 of IIIE for best article in Non-traditional area (Silver Medal),The Indian Institution of Industrial Engineers. Tech. Paper1986.
  • Best Paper award 1998-99. Hari Ohm Ashram Prerit Bhaikaka Inter-university smarak trust, Vallalbh Vidyanagar Tech. Paper 1999.

Membership of Academic and Professional Societies

  • Sr. Member, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, USA.
  • Waterjet Technology Associaton, USA
  • Life Member -Fellow of The Institution of Engineers (India)
  • Life Member – Fluid Power Society of India
  • Member, Asia-Pacific Federation of Intelligent Automation, Hong Kong
  • Member Virtual Academici – University of Birmingham since June 2005

Continuing Education and Conferences Organised    :

  • Course Co-ordinator/ Secretary / Member Interantional program committee/ Organising secretary for 15 confereneces.
  • International advisor to Three (3) American Waterjet Conferences (2003 , 2005 and 2007) sponsored by Waterjet technology Association, Texas,   USA

Industrial Liaison Activities

As a part of the B.Tech., M.Tech. and DIIT programs interacted with industries and solved a few shop floor problems. Brief details of industrial projects will be made available, if required.

Visits abroad:

  • West Germany ( Oct. 82 to Dec. 82 -Short Term Invitation program under DAAD)
  • Germany (Aug. 90 to Oct. 90 -GTZ Project in Prodn.Engg.)
  • Australia (10 Aug. 92 to 15 Aug.92 -ETFA 92 Conf. at Swinburne Institute of Technology, Melbourne)
  • Singapore (16 Aug. 92 to 20 Aug.92 -Visits to GINTIC, NIT, NUS Institutions)
  • Trinidad& Tobago West Indies (12 Dec. 94 to 11 Dec 96 -For employment as Professor of Prodn.Engg. & Mgmt.)
  • Germany (2 June 99 to 23 June 9 -DST-DAAD Personnel Exchange Program, Germany)
  • U.S.A (6 August 99 to 23 August 99 -10th American Waterjet Conference and visits to universities.)
  • Germany ( 15 June 00 to 30 June 00- DST-DAAD Personnel Exchange Program)
  • USA (19 May 02 to 7 July 02 -IIE conference  IERC 2002 Orlando, Florida)
  • Mauritius ( 22 July, 04 to   21 July, 06 and  26th Sept 06 to 25th Sept  08 For employment  as Professor of Mech.& Industrial Engg.)

Duties in the Corporate Life of the IIT Madras /Mauritius

Section Head -Manufacturing Engineering Section from June, 1990-May 1993
Professor In charge Human Resource Development  1997-1998
Professor In charge Central Workshops  1997 -2004
Project Coordinator, Thrust area – Quality Assured Design and Manufacturing 2003-2004
Member of the panel of judges on Innovation and Creativity, Govt. of Mauritius INNOVED 2006 and INNOVED 2007.