1. Program Educational Objectives of the PG (CAD/CAM) in Mechanical Engineering are:

PEO1 Excel in Professional career and/or higher education by acquiring knowledge in the fields of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.  Solve the technical problems related to product design and manufacturing areas.
PEO2 Able to analyze the complex Mechanical Engineering problems using advanced modeling FEA analysis software’s like Solid works, Catia and ANSYS.
PEO3 Able to work individually and effectively in a team with a commitment to complete the task using proper communication skills, management skills and by updating the knowledge continuously in the working field.

2. Program Outcomes of the PG (CAD/CAM) in Mechanical Engineering are:

PO1 Acquire in-depth/extensive knowledge in the core subjects like Finite Element Analysis and CAD/CAM in design and analysis of Mechanical components and systems using software packages.
PO2 Analysing complex engineering problems critically and keep abstracts of the latest advances in CAD/CAM area using independent thinking with creative skills.
PO3 Original thinking and conceptualizing the methods to solve problems relating to CAD/CAM that is optimal in conjunction with the subjects like Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Optimization Techniques.
PO4 To prepare the strengths to take up research in the areas relating to CAD/CAM and other allied subjects like research methodology presenting   seminars by way of collecting appropriate literature.
PO5 An ability to understand appropriate techniques and resources to use the CNC Technology, Robotics, CIM systems in manufacturing the products and also gaining knowledge in using the modern software’s like ANSYS, SOLID WORKS, CATIA, Edge CAM, etc.
PO6 An ability to work individually and in a team to carryout research work in CAD/CAM benefiting self, the team and the department.
PO7 An ability to understand and demonstrate cutting edge technologies which are         of inter disciplinary and multi disciplinary in nature.
PO8 An ability to communicate with all the stake holders to initiate sharing    of ideas, knowledge and working for PG projects thus enriching the PG programme of the department.
PO9 To recognize the need for inculcating ability to lifelong learning in          the specified area with enthusiasm and commitment.

To acquire professionalism and intellectual integrity, professional code of

Conduct, excel in creativity and research.

PO11 To review the systems performance regularly through feedback system and rectifying the errors as and when they are identified.

Programme Educational Objectives(PEO’s) of UG

PEO1 Acquire basic knowledge in the fields of Design and Manufacture of various  Mechanical components to meet challenges in Product Design and Manufacturing industries
PEO2 To enable to understand, analyze the problems related to Thermal Engineering Systems and Industrial Engineering problems of industries in general
PEO3 Usage of modern computer software tools to solve Mechanical Engineering problems, explain defend their solutions and communicate effectively using graphic, verbal, and written techniques to all audience

Programme Outcomes(PO’s) of UG


PO1 Acquisition of basic Knowledge related to various streams of Mechanical Engineering viz. Design, Manufacturing, Thermal and Industrial Engineering
PO2 Able to understand and analyze industry related real life problems and solve using engineering skills and various Mathematical modeling techniques.
PO3 Able to design the basic mechanical elements, and mechanical systems using systems approach and other optimization techniques
PO4 Acquire adequate knowledge in basic sciences and engineering economy principles to solve complex industrial problems related to Mechanical sciences including service industries
PO5 An ability to apply the advanced Computer Aided Design and analysis softwares to find innovative solutions for the complex design problems related to product, process and engineering design for further implementation.
PO6 An ability to analyze the impact of advanced technologies on industrial growth and living standards of society.  Much of the creativity in the world is attributed to engineer and an engineer is supposed to keep abreast of the advanced technologies and assimulate the same for serving the mankind of the world.
PO7 An ability to utilize resources like men, machines, and materials effectively to produce the quality products which are environment friendly, at minimum total cost.
PO8 A commitment to acquire and incorporate human values and ethical value while discharging the duties fulfilling the social obligations considering the customer as the most important entity.
PO9 An ability to take up a project individually as well as work in teams to promote system integration and synergy in small and large scale projects.
PO10 Capable enough to communicate with the people in the industry and able to work for the organization as an engineer. Acquires/Possess soft skills and computation skills to promote interacting with individuals and groups using all sort of communication for all round development of the organization.
PO11 Acquires Managerial skill and Knowledge to manage the resources like men, machinery and finance, as well as taking effective decisions involving short and long term goals and objectives.
PO12 Learning basics of various manufacturing processes required to manufacture mechanical components and updating the knowledge lifelong to survive in the competitive world with exemplary academic skills and enrichment of the knowledge for promoting higher learning & Research.