Research Projects On Going

S.No Name of the Investigator       Title of the project and duration

Amount sanctioned 

(in Lakhs)

Funding Agency


1 Dr.G.Bhaskar Kumar, Physics An Investigation for  Potential Single Phased  Emission Tunable Nano-Phosphors for White Light Emitting diode applications  (2014-17) 33.41 DST-YS
2 Dr. J. Janet,              CSE Optimizing data movement in cloud computing(2014-17) 30.24 DST-YS
3 Dr. D.  Krishna Mohan Raju, K.Reddi Prasad                         ME Design and development of efficient cooking stove(Payment pending)Completed 1.0 UGC-Minor
4 Prof.M.MohanBabu,  CE Rural Women Technology Park in Puthalapattu Mandal (Mutirevula Village), Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh.(2015-18) 82.50 DST-SEED
5 Ms.Dharanisree,       EEE Enhancement of real-time power analysis and control for distributed generation interface using FPGA(2015-18) 22.82 DST-WOS-A
6 Dr.A.Mahamani,        ME Grindability studies on AA6061-TiB2/ZrB2 in-situ     composites(2015-18) 31.46 DST-YS
7 Ms.D.Devisasikala,  ECE Realization of Chaotic Dynamical Systems on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Application to Secure Communications(2015-18) 21.40 DST-WOS-A
8 Dr.A.Mahamani,        ME Influence of macro, micro and nano size reinforcement on machinability behavior of the AA6061-AlN composites    (2016-18) 28.20 UGC-Research award scheme
9 Dr.K.Ravindranath,   ME Experimental investigation on conventional and semi-adiabatic Diesel engine using bio diesel as fuel(2015-17) 8.44 UGC-Emeritus Fellowship Scheme
10 Dr.G.Bhaskar,        MBA A Study on psychological attributes relating to social networking use among the college students of Andhra Pradesh (2016-19) 14.94 DST-CSRI
11 Mrs.HimaBindu G B,   IT Energy and QoS Management in Cloud Computing Environment(2016-19) 19.85 DST-WOS-A
12 S.Preethi, Dr.A.Mahamani                  ME Studies on drilling of AA6061-TiC in-situ composites(2017-19) 1.5 UGC-Minor
13 Dr.M.Vishnuvardhan, EEE Enhanced neuro fuzzy controller based UPQC(2017-19) 3.95 UGC-Minor
14 Dr.A.Mahamani, ME FIST Level-0 (2018-2023) 45.0 DST