Transport Department Overview



‘Transport Division is headed by a Head of Transport Division is formed to take care of the smooth operation of buses.

The members of the transport division are

S No Name Designation Contact No
1 Dr A R Babu M.Tech.,Ph.D Head, Transport Departmnet 7729999195

Duties of Transport Division

  • Allocation of bus routes for the for students
  • Supervising the daily bus operation and giving instructions to the transport supervisor
  • Inspecting the condition of the buses and reporting for necessary actions
  • Issuing Bus passes
  • Periodically checking the documents of the buses (College & Contract)
  • Verifying and passing the bill for making payment
  • Monitoring Director’s van operation.
  • Reporting to the superior as and when required.

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Rules and Regulation of Transport Department

1. All the students who are willing to avail transport facility have to register with transport department. The Registration fee for 1st year and new joining   students is Rs.500/-. Registration fee for existing students is Rs.250/-.

2. All the students who will register for availing transport facility have to pay half of the  transport fee at the time of registration and remaining half of the fee within one month from the registration date.

3. The registered students will not be permitted to travel after one month if they fails to pay remaining half of the total fee and there will be no repayment of any fee paid at any circumstances. No claim of refund is allowed for any type of issues.

4. The transport fee is only for one academic year (up to the end of 2nd Sem regular examinations of B.Tech, For supplementary examinations transport facility will not be provided).

5. With drawing of utilizing transport facility at any time during academic year is not permitted. Once registered, they have to pay full amount of transport fee. There is no registration facility for each semester.

6. The students without transport ID card are not permitted to travel in the college bus.

7. The staff members or students who are travelling without permission of higher authorities is an offence and in such case  they have to pay a fine amount of Rs.500/-. for the first time, if anybody found for the second time, the total transport fee have to be paid..

8. For allowing or not allowing of students, staff and any other issues related to transport are at the  discretion of the Principal SVCET, RVS Nagar, Chittoor. All rights are reserved.